"Over 5 years ago, I was sitting at a conference and was wishing horribly that I could discuss a topic being taught. However, there was no time for an in-depth Q&A, and the moment was lost. Either I had to chase down the speaker, find people who might want to talk to me, or just live with it.  I lived with it, and then came home with a notebook full of notes, a phone full of PowerPoint slides, and no way to truly incorporate what I had learned at the conference into my daily life, working one to one with families and caregivers. At that moment, I wished someone would do a different kind of conference for people like me, daily practitioners.  Well, now that conference is happening and I am the one who decided to do it differently.  I am very excited about this conference, and I hope you are too. I look forward to learning and discussing our newfound knowledge together!"

~ Sincerely, Joanna McNeilly 

Meet the Rest of the Team


Emily TetzlaFf:

"Just this past Thanksgiving weekend, I attended a Broadway show starring one of my former doula clients, Judy Kuhn. Fortunately for me, she was collecting for Broadway Cares that evening, and just happened to be standing outside the very door I exited after the show. In the rush of patrons leaving the theatre, I quickly reminded her who I was. Excitedly, she suddenly threw her arms around me and cried, 'Oh, Emily! I have thought of you and been thankful to you every day since my daughter was born! And she just turned twenty-one!'

I cannot tell you what that moment- and others like it, throughout my career-
meant to me! I have spent my life nurturing artists, new families, and young lives. As a doula, a teacher, and a theatre director, my job is to instill confidence in my clients and students, and to pass on the value of nurturing and compassion as a core value in life. These kinds of moments truly give my life meaning, and make me feel I have made a difference in this world- one person at a time. Working to create BOND Conference is a perfect extension of my life's goal to nurture and support the growth and well-being of the human spirit."
Having spent the better part of her life in NYC, raising two kids and pursuing her passions,  Emily is an experienced Doula, Producer, Director and Mom. She was, in fact, Joanna's doula, and introduced her to the very word.  When it came time to find someone to help make BOND Conference happen, Joanna turned to Emily straight away.



Angelique Mai:

"I am super excited to be part of a conference where my worlds collide:  babywearing, child development, and research.  My hope is that every attendee walks away feeling empowered to assist new parents/caregivers with tools to promote a healthy lifelong relationship with their babies."  ~Angelique

Angelique is a stay at home mom to three girls, ages 8, 5 and 2.   She has a background in Early Childhood Development and has spent many years as a volunteer in the community.  Currently, her volunteer time is split between the preschool, her church and her local babywearing group, where she teaches at monthly meetings, and helps with all the things behind the scene.  In her free time, she enjoys reading, planning presentations for early childhood teachers and Hawaiian hula dancing.   Ever since their first encounter, Joanna has known that Angelique could do whatever she chose to put her mind to and wondered just what that be. For now, it is making the world turn around BOND!

Bianca Fehn:

When Joanna straggled into her very first babywearing meeting, haggered and nearly beat by the commute, there was Bianca with a crisp welcome and offering to help when ready.  Next was a brief encounter at the world's very best pizzeria, Rizzo's, where they recognized each other because of baby carriers: Bianca was wearing a Didymos Lisa.  A friendship was born that day for both the moms and their sons.  That was over a decade ago and the work-life-friend-family bond is fully integrated now. In truth, Joanna can't run a business without Bianca.  Hence, Bianca had no choice but to help! So it's a very good thing that Bianca has been an integral part of making the dream of BOND a reality.

Screenshot 2015-11-22 02.52.31.png


Katie Ocampos:

When Katie took her training with the Center for Babywearing Studies, little did she know what an amazing journey it would take her on. A few months after the training, Joanna called to ask if she would consider joining the CBWS team, and she's never looked back! At home, Katie loves life with her husband and daughter. At work, she dons many hats! Outside of working as a part of the CBWS Team, she is very busy as a private Babywearing Consultant, is a cofounder of Natural Parenting Services, and volunteers with her local babywearing group. 

Joanna told Katie many times she didn't want to overburden her by asking her to be a part of BOND. In the end, Joanna didn't even need to ask! Katie already had a true passion for the concept of BOND, just hearing about it once was enough to have her hooked! After jumping in to help in a pinch, BOND crept up on her and she realized the hole that needed to be filled within the BOND team was meant for her.

BOND's Founding Principles

IDEAS: Free Flowing and Merging Ideas.

The thought that out of many ideas will come a solution or many solutions is a Core belief of BOND. By keeping an open mind, a mind willing to believe we could be wrong, we keep ourselves available to learn new things and accept differing opinions.  If you are of a similar mind, then you, too, will enjoy the BOND Conference.

BOND: One Family at a Time.

We know that in every community, the world over, there are families who are struggling, those who are doing okay, and those who are fantastic.  We want to build our personal and professional facility to work with and impact families across all strata. Come join the discussion, develop your knowledge, and share your passion.

Bridging the Gap: Academia to Practitioners.

Across the prenatal and early postnatal period, a family will encounter many different products and care providers. Imagine if all care providers and manufacturers introduced the same research-based ideas that support and plant the seeds for bonding.  This is our goal: to turn significant research into real solutions, truly practical ideas, that you can use in your work, design or practice.

Family Comes First: At Least With Us.

The BOND Team is, first and foremost, a tight knit small family in it's own right, and we are all dedicated to a work-life balance, and recognize it's a challenge at times. During our meetings, we discuss our families as well as our business, and work hard to be respectful of the daily needs of our co-workers' lives. By honoring our own families, it makes it easier to do so for others.


Sustaining Our Planet.

We cannot have healthy families or a healthy community without a healthy planet.  Integral to our mission is that we produce a truly small environmental footprint for the conference.  In all aspects of BOND, we are looking to have the most environmentally friendly options for our needs. Expect us to work with companies who have the same values. Expect locally sourced food and coffee. Expect to see recycling and compost bins on site, and expect not to have a lot of printed materials or 'things' you do not want at the end of the conference.


Nurturing Our Community

The local community is our life's blood. When our neighbors struggle, we struggle. BOND believes in giving back to our local community and to the larger community as well.  In every instance, we will strive to work with companies who have similar principles and partner with those organizations who are aligned in our goals.  BOND will donate 3% of the gross revenue to our partner charities and hope that you, too, will join us in the cause.