Meet West of the 4th Weaving

We were so excited to work alongside this company for BOND! The masterminds behind some beautiful works of artistry and with an amazing focus on accessibility and education....

West of the 4th Weaving

We first met Corwyn and Nancy Warwaruk at a Center for Babywearing Studies training. We were so impressed by their long standing commitment to the art of weaving and to the babywearing community. They are also dedicated to providing jobs to their local community in their Canadian studio. 

Nancy started weaving when she was 18 years old when she joined her local weaving guild. She creates handwoven baby wraps, as well as other products West of the 4th is dedicated to persevering and sharing the art of hand weaving through creating hand woven baby wraps for you to use every day.

Wanting to make the beauty of a handwoven available at a more accessible price point, West of the 4th also created their Accessible Line, a line of machine woven wraps and ringslings that replicate the look and feel of Nancy's handwoven wraps!

Nancy and Corwyn are dedicated to bringing education to their community and helping all families BOND, we are honored to have partnered with them at BOND 2016.

Meet Attachment Parenting International

We are thankful for the opportunity to partner with this pinnacle in the community of healthy Infant-Caregiver attachment! We are pleased to introduce BOND sponsor...

Attachment Parenting International

Atachment Parenting International (API) is a 501c3 non-profit organization supported by memberships, donations and volunteers. API promotes parenting practices that create strong, healthy emotional bonds between children and their parents. For life. So they can take those bonds with them into their adult lives and share them with their children. And their children can do the same. A life cycle of compassion and connection.

Featured at BOND was the API published work, Attached at the Heart, a book for caregivers wishing to learn more about the principles of raising children with healthy attachments. Attached at the Hear offers evidence-based parenting advice for raising more compassionate children. Readers will learn to trust the intuitive knowledge of their child, ultimately building a strong foundation that will strengthen the parent-child bond. 

Thank you API for your support at the inaugural BOND conference!

Meet Arm's Reach

Keeping baby close is an important part of creating a healthy infant attachment to this company and that made them a perfect match for BOND! We are thankful for their support at BOND, and invite you to get to know more about them...

Arm's Reach 

The Arm’s Reach® Co-Sleeper® brand bassinet is a unique creation that began with a mother and father’s need for a safe sleeping environment for their baby. They, like many parents, had rediscovered the benefits of cosleeping with their infants -increased bonding, ease of feeding and a greater sense of closeness. They created a solution for keeping baby close by placing the child at the side of the bed -literally within arm’s reach! Their result is a wonderful series of bassinets that keep babies close to their parents during the important early months of development.

Whether you choose to breast feed or bottle feed, the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper® brand bassinet promotes bonding and enables parents and infant to sleep better. It is also recommended by leading pediatricians and sleep research experts like BOND speaker Dr. James J. McKenna Ph. D and Dr. William Sears. 

Meet Cassiope Woven!

Supporting small business is something the BOND Team is very passionate about, and we hope that you are too! This past month at BOND, we had the pleasure of working with this sponsor, a small business based here in the United States. We are pleased to introduce you to...

Cassiope Woven

Heather Downing, creator of Cassiope, joins us today on the BOND blog to talk a bit about her business...

For me, babywearing has always been about fostering a healthy bond with my children & aiding others in doing the same. Remaining hands free was always a bonus while tending to other daily activities. Cassiope was birthed through my passion for babywearing & my love of art. Bringing the two together was a natural progression. Cassiope aims to bring education, community & quality woven wraps to the industry.

There was not so much of a "defining moment"  when I decided to start Cassiope, it was more of a dream that kept growing and I could not ignore it. I would work on designs that I wanted to wear & intermingle them with colors, finally I knew that the only thing holding me back, was myself. I stepped out in faith to follow a dream & haven't looked back.

What brings you the most joy in your business?

I love the moment when I am working with a parent or caregiver & they have the "ah ha" moment where they and the baby are comfortable. The looks of relief, comfort & confidence in their eyes is a big part of what fills my heart. Seeing a design come to life through the loom & then be worn while creating these special moments of bonding will never get old. 


What makes BOND important to you?

What sets BOND apart from other conferences is that they focus on education geared towards all who come in contact with infants in various avenues.

Meet Maya Wrap

We were incredibly honored to be joined by this company at BOND. We are proud to introduce you to this long standing staple in the babywearing community...

Maya Wrap


So who is Maya Wrap?

Maya Wrap is the brain child of Susan Gmeiner, a company born out of need. Susan designed the first Maya Wrap ringsling after the birth of her second son, allowing her hands to be free to chase after her active toddler! After 18 years in business they are still making beautiful ringslings, their Maya Tie in a new design and have also expanded to woven wraps!


What brought Maya Wrap to BOND?

Maya Wrap's passion for the products they make and the families they help has only grown over the years. Supporting and promoting healthy parent-child relationships is a very important component! It's their wish to simplify your life, and let you focus on what is most important - your baby.


 There are some gorgeous pictures of many of you and of the event itself! The photos in the slideshow on our home page,, and hundreds more not included in the slideshow, are now available to view and purchase at, under the BOND Conference tab. They are categorized for easy viewing. Robert has been a great supporter of BOND, beyond his role as photographer, so we hope you will be inspired to support his wonderful work the way he has supported us. Enjoy!

Welcome, Catbird Baby

We hope you'll join us today in learning all about a company with a passion for the babywearing industry and promoting healthy infant attachment. We are pleased to introduce you to this BOND sponsor....

Catbird Baby

Getting to Know Catbird Baby

I am Beth Leistensnider, and I founded (2005) and own Catbird Baby. We manufacture ergonomic baby carriers for newborns through toddlers. More recently, I also helped found and am a current board member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA), and am a certified babywearing educator through Center for Babywearing Studies.

As the owner of Catbird Baby my duties touch just about every aspect of the business; we are still a small family-owned and -operated business. Since the birth of my first child in 2003, I have been very involved in the babywearing community, first as a parent, and then later as both a business owner and parent. I attended a meet-up of City Slingers which was the precursor to what eventually became BWI of Chicagoland. After helping to organize the 2008 International Babywearing Conference, Chicago became one of the first Babywearing International chapters and I was one of its first Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBE). My co-leaders and I turned over the chapter to new leadership in 2010, and they have grown the organization into a robust network of Chicagoland area meetings providing free peer babywearing education to hundreds of caregivers per month!

My vision for Catbird Baby has always been to offer simple, comfortable, and beautiful options for babywearing, to help parents utilize this tool that makes it easier to soothe babies. Everyone knows the stress of being unable to soothe an upset child and I found that babywearing was an amazing way for me, as a parent, to connect with my child in a way that calmed both her and me at the same time. 

What Inspired Beth to Get Started?

I started Catbird Baby after the birth of my first child, in 2003. I learned about babywearing from and there truly were very few places to buy carriers as well as quite a small variety back then. When I learned about mei tais, and made one for myself, I really clicked with the simplicity of that style. Mei tais really sum up so much of my design philosophy, which is streamline when you can, take away what's unnecessary, keep it simple, and focus on the function. I started my business because I knew that many many parents like me would want to use these kinds of carriers, and I wanted to be a part of making that happen.

Mei tais are still my true love, and our most popular carrier is actually a buckle mei tai: the pikkolo! As buckle carriers with structured waists have been become very popular and widespread, the pikkolo is often seen as being in this category, but it is truly a hybrid carrier. You wear it the same way that you wear a mei tai, like an apron that hangs down from your waist and then it comes up between baby's legs and over the back. Your upper torso and the carrier work together to form a U-shape, holding the baby close in to your center of gravity, high on the body. Since many parents expressed a desire to have a buckle carrier that they could use with a newborn we designed the pikkolo with an adjustable-width panel, so that it cinches up small for a little baby (or for facing outward later if desired), and incrementally grows as baby grows.  

What brings you the most joy in your business?

When a parent watches me demonstrate our carriers and then says "oh, that's so simple." And then does it themselves and you can see their expression change as they realize what a great tool this is going to be for them in their daily lives. It's really very gratifying when you make that connection and see that someone else clicks with the carrier and with babywearing in the same way that you did. It's very satisfying when you find someone who sees the value in what you're doing and believes that it will enhance their lives, especially at an exciting-yet-vulnerable time in their lives. 

Coming Together: Why Catbird Baby Wanted to be a Part of BOND

For a long time babywearing has been sort of marginalized as fringe, or thought of as a parenting philosophy that you have to ascribe to. I want that to change. Babywearing is something that every parent and baby can benefit from, and part of how we make that shift is by connecting the professionals who work with new parents in their daily work to the science of why babywearing (and other aspects of bonding and attachment) helps families. I think that the goal of BOND, to bring together those working with infants who may not be as familiar with babywearing, and helping them learn more about the current landscape and what is available will definitely help make a positive impact on the parents that these professionals see on a daily basis.

I think BOND is incredibly important because it is going to bring together professionals from multiple fields to help create a more comprehensive picture for any professional who is working with parents and infants and toddlers. BOND is forward-thinking, focused on currently available research and best practice, and I think it will be an incredible learning experience with practical implications for a wide variety of professionals. I hope that the conference offers a chance for people to meet others from outside their normal field and engage in conversations that will help them challenge their thinking in order to gain a clearer picture of what they believe and why, in order to help them clarify the why behind the information that they share with parents. 

Welcome, Lillebaby

It's wonderful to learn what happens behind the scenes at a company built to help families BOND. We have loved getting to know this sponsor, and hope you'll spend some time getting to know them better today too. Please give a warm welcome to...


Hi!  I’m Karyn Thurston, and I’m the Marketing Communications Specialist for LÍLLÉbaby, which means you’ll find me on social media, behind the scenes at video and photo shoots, and blogging my little heart out at  I’m so looking forward to spending the week with all of you in NY learning, listening, and hopefully making some great new friendships!  We are so excited about everything the BOND Conference and CBS are doing, and I’m honored to participate.

Bond and touch are inseparable partners in the first few magic months of a baby’s life.  For us, babywearing has always been first and foremost about wellness – health, bonding, security, safety, love – a key tool in the holistic development of our most precious and vulnerable gifts, and a way to improve the lives of families during what can be a rather overwhelming time.  

The work the BOND Conference is facilitating – the research, the education, and the sharing of vital information for these formative years – is exactly in line with the heart of what we do.  

How LILLEbaby Began

When LÍLLÉbaby founder Lisbeth Lehan set out a decade ago to create a baby carrier that would truly meet the needs of families in a COMPLETE and lasting way, she knew the key to success would be community.  Her design background and passion lay in leading teams of experts and combining their ideas, talents, and expertise to create the most well-rounded products possible.  She applied the full force of her experience to assemble a team of experts in their fields - parents, designers, a chiropractor, a rock climber, pediatricians, fashion consultants, and safety experts.  Together, they began to build what would become the LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE around the desires and needs of everyday families.  “If you follow parents - really observe and listen to them - you will notice how they adapt products and tools to their needs, even if that means using something in a way it wasn’t originally meant to be used. Some have babies who prefer to face forward, others babies who prefer to face in, and babies who frequently change their minds - we wanted to provide a carrier that could do everything, a simple solution with the versatility to be a good fit for every parent.” 

And so, over years of design, testing, trials, redesigns, and a whole lot of baby snuggles, the LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE was born.  Today, our thriving community continues to help us imagine and create new, innovative carriers and products, and we’re proud of the way our products have improved the first few whirlwind years of parenting for so many.  

The Team's Inspiration and Joy

LÍLLÉbaby is a family – we’re a small company of moms and professionals, and most of us work from home offices while living the reality of life as a parent every day!  We love our work because it is fully part of our lives – babywearing has played an essential role in our own families, and the opportunity to share that love with others, to provide them with a tool that comes with so many incredible benefits – that’s the heart for all of us.  That’s the joy.

When LÍLLÉbaby first reached out to me, I was a SAHM to a one year old little girl, and an avid babywearer who had all but given up on soft structured carriers.  The COMPLETE changed that for me, and the team at LÍLLÉbaby blew me away with their kindness and the incredible value they placed on each and every individual – the babies and the parents.  Customers immediately became part of the community, responded to and cared for, and that willingness to fully embrace new parents impressed and moved me.  The desire to educate and support is such an essential part of what all of us do, and it’s inspiring to see it happening in such a positive and affirming way.

Why We Are Partnering with BOND

This year, we’re doubling down on our commitment to a renewed focus on education and resources.  There is such an incredible wealth of information on the benefits of babywearing available to parents, and our goal is to connect our customers to the most current, accurate, safe, and helpful information, educators, groups, and tools.  The BOND Conference is a beautiful embodiment of this principle – an opportunity for us and our customers and community to learn from some of the industry’s leading experts, doctors, and educators.  We are all on the inside of this little world of avid babywearers, watching it expand and become part of the mainstream culture, and it’s beautiful and powerful to see.  Parents are stepping away from their strollers and toward attachment and the power of closeness – what a fantastic time it is for all of us to share our passion and experience with so many brand new babywearers.

BOND’s commitment to evidence based research and facilitating bonding and closeness is such an extraordinary asset to all of us, and we are beyond thrilled to partner with and learn from Joanna and her team.  Dr Moberg’s fascinating research on oxytocin is central to what we do in fostering bonding through babywearing, and Dr. Swain’s focus on fatherhood speaks directly to our desire to see more and more dads comfortably engaging in our community – we are incredibly excited to learn from them, as well as the other wonderful speakers.  The research and knowledge and skill present in this community is a treasure trove, and wherever folks are moving to bring that treasure to all new parents, we want to be a part of the journey! 






Welcome, Nova Natural and Babylonia

BOND Conference is all about bringing our attendees a new experience, and that extends into the BOND Boutique. We want to partner with and showcase businesses that embody our core values. It was this that brought us to approaching the combination of buisnesses you'll meet on the BOND Blog today. We are thrilled to welcome....

Nova Natural and Babylonia USA

Come read all about this duo and make sure to check out their special section within the BOND Boutique!

As a business, we find joy in discovering toys and other products that are beneficial to all the faces of family life. We love to offer items that support the intense energy of parenting and the well-rounded development of children. Knowing that our products lead to families learning, growing and playing together is what it's all about. 

All About Nova Natural

Fifteen years ago, with their two sons still in diapers, Ted & Susan Blood decided to make Nova Natural a part of their lives. They wanted to provide toys and craft supplies that fostered children’s imaginations and to make it easier for parents to find them. They believe that toys made of natural materials warm children’s souls and add beauty to the homes of their families.

While the diapers are a distant memory, their enthusiasm for helping parents raise their children naturally has not waned. Instead, over time, they became interested in helping parents to start natural parenting earlier. They looked for products that would continue their original goal of supporting the wholesome development of children and families and felt that adding the Babylonia line of baby carriers and Peppa organic, fair trade dolls would be a perfect compliment to Nova Natural.

All About Babylonia

Baby carrying is what brought Babylonia’s founders into business in Belgium around the same time Ted & Susan were starting with Nova. Ingrid Guikers, the founder of Babylonia, wanted the benefits of baby carrying to be common knowledge. She also wanted parents to be able to easily and comfortably carry their babies and children for as long as possible because she knew the entire family benefits from the bonding and convenience that results from babywearing.

In time, the relationships that Babylonia developed in India, where their woven wraps are produced, led to the creation of their line of Peppa organic, fair trade dolls. With a wide range of styles, from towel dolls for babies to rag dolls for bigger kids, they are a wonderful alternative for parents looking to provide a safe, natural fiber doll to their children.

As a retailer through its website and Babylonia’s US distributor through its website, Nova Natural is able to offer the full range of Babylonia baby carriers and Peppa dolls to both consumers and retailers.

Better Together: Nova Natural & Babylonia

First and foremost, the combined Nova & Babylonia teams are babywearing enthusiasts who believe that proper bonding and child development occur when children have the opportunity to be close to their caregivers throughout the day. Babylonia produces the highest quality carriers combined with the added advantages of organic cotton and Fair Trade or European production. Selling these carriers, Nova Natural has been able to share the joy that comes from babywearing with many people, while also providing people the detailed information they need when selecting and using a baby carrier.

Becoming a Part of BOND

We have celebrated the steady spread of babywearing as a parenting choice in the USA. Many years ago, we chose it ourselves when our children were small, so we know its many benefits and pleasures. We believe by participating in BOND, we are taking a still further step to "normalizing" babywearing as a positive parenting choice to people without a family or cultural history of babywearing. Infant-parent attachment is essential for both baby and parent and we are pleased to support a conference with this specific focus.

The early days of parenting, even after the first child, are so intense and can often be a blur. The people who touch the lives of parents during these periods can have a momentous impact on how families thrive. Making these crucial providers aware of what tools exist for these budding families is why we wanted to be a part of the BOND Conference.



Welcome Tekhni, Silver BOND Conference Sponsorship

BOND has a team that works hard to balance family and career, and it is an honor to introduce a sponsor that advocates for those same values with their own team.


Joining us today on the blog is Alisa DeMarco, Owner and Operator of Tekhni to tell us more about Tekhni and their partnership with BOND...

How did Tekhni Wovens begin?

As a babywearing mom of 3 (soon to be 4) with a background in art and design, I saw the need for a company that was willing to do things differently. In 2013 I started Tekhni Woven Sling Studio from my home, sourcing high quality fabrics from the United States and around the world. I wanted to create beautiful and functional pieces that would be affordable, innovative, available and attainable, giving everyone the opportunity to bond with their baby in style. The introduction of the green fiber, Repreve®, was particularly exciting for me.


Repreve had been used by many well-known companies, but never before in the world of babywearing. I was able to take an environmentally-conscious yarn and use it to make wraps in the United States— carriers that provide top-notch wrapping qualities coupled with the temperature-regulating breathability of a recycled fiber.  Also close to my heart was the introduction of our budget lines, ensuring that accessibility remained a top priority as the company grew.


All About Team Tekhni

Three short years later, our team has grown to include both in-house and remotely located employees. I’m proud to say that Tekhni is woman-owned, and nearly all of our employees are female. Our diverse team functions as a family, with a bond that runs deep. These women care for each other equally as much as they care for the company. I prioritize a work-life balance, ensuring that all employees are able to meet the demands of a family while pursuing a career. Together, we are continually looking for ways to bring the best to our customers. Our customers, in return, are passionate and excited. We take the time to get to know customers, and they feel like an integral part of our family culture.

Why BOND conference?

As a CBWS graduate, I highly value education, research, and support. As a retailer, I highly value accessible products that allow caregivers and children to bond. The BOND conference is the best of both of these worlds, reaching out to educators and parents alike to show both the how and why of babywearing. When the opportunity arose, there was no question that Tekhni would support such an amazing mission. 

Welcome myheartcreative!

We only recently learned about the myheartcreative style, but when we did, it was love at first sight. We asked Amy and Sam, the myheartcreative husband and wife team, to sponsor BOND because we knew our companies shared the same values and goals.

We asked them to introduce us to their company and here is what they shared with us:

myheartcreative believes in togetherness through beautiful designs. Together we build our lives, our families and our company. Together we help our clients turn their ideas into remarkable print and web designs. Together we design products that help families care for babies. And together we believe we can make a difference in the lives of families all over the world. We aren’t your average company; we are honest folks, offering purposeful products and services. And we are dedicated to giving back.

We asked Amy, why make baby carriers?

We are real people with real lives, which means we deal with real­ life issues, just like everyone else. Balancing work and family responsibilities is no exception. In fact, that's how our company began. We were new parents, trying to balance our careers with the growing needs of our family, both working from home as much as possible so that we could be the ones caring for our son. Having a firm belief in bonding through babywearing, I wore my son from day one. It didn't take long for me to notice the baby carriers on the market weren’t meeting both our needs. A true creative at heart, I came up with my Ring Sling design that would soon be a hit in the babywearing world.  

After a lot of hard work and gusto (and TONS of help from Sam), I was able to say goodbye to my design job in 2014. myheartcreative was founded in 2010 initially as a blog, but in 2014 we launched our product line. With added team members, myheartcreative expanded to offer exceptional web and print design services to clients across the nation. Since then, Sam has begun working full time for the company, and, with a presence in dozens of prominent boutiques, our products are reaching more and more families everyday. 

We now have our own studio location, very much dedicated to togetherness. With a family room in the floor plan, bringing and/or wearing your baby to work is not only supported, it's encouraged. We believe the work/family balance is possible, and we fully integrate family into our company. To us, it's all about togetherness. Through togetherness, we achieve our core values: always do what's right, do more with less, have a craftsman’s attitude, and deliver unmatched service, never letting it slide.


 Our Products Have Real Purpose

At its core, the purpose of our Ring Sling design is to promote healthy child development through babywearing . Babies need closeness and touch to thrive. Being close to mommy or other caregivers makes baby feel safe and content, which allows their little minds and bodies to develop naturally. A worn baby is generally happier because it's easier for them to communicate their needs and have them met. This also makes for a happier, more confident mommy. 

Along with promoting healthy child development, our Ring Slings are handmade with practicality in mind. We babywear every day, so that's why our Ring Slings are intentionally designed with the purpose of making it easy for everyone to use. Made of linen or silk, they’re adjustable, allowing more than just mommy to wear them, and support a child up to 35 lbs. Daddy and grandma will be sure to find one they like among the variety of color choices available. Even older siblings can give myheartcreative slings a try. This makes it easier for the whole family to spend special bonding time with baby. And it also gives mommy a break, which is a huge bonus. We go to great lengths to offer quality crafted products that serve a real purpose and help bring families together.

We asked Amy and Sam how they saw BOND fitting into their plans:

myheartcreative is dedicated to giving back. That's why we are proud supporters and sponsors of the BOND Conference, whose main focus is to explore and promote healthy family bonding and to encourage support for babywearing in communities all over the world. We have big hearts for those caring for little babes, so we’re thrilled to be part of an event that helps our vision become a reality. Giving back is the heartbeat of our company and the only thing we love more than helping our clients with beautiful print and web design is helping families foster healthy child development through the use of our Ring Slings. And the business of giving back is booming; to date, we have donated: 

● over $7,000 in myheartcreative ring slings 

● over $10,000 in myheartcreative design services to nonprofit organizations 

● thousands of free myheartcreative babywearing consultations

● and so much more through our family givings 

We are thrilled to have our efforts backed and fully­ supported by the babywearing community; businesses from New York to California have trusted their brands to the hands of the myheartcreative team. We feel more connected to our family and to our community than we could have ever dreamed possible. Yes, we still put in crazy amounts of work, but we are together. Still bonding. Still engaging. Still exploring. Still growing. Togetherness through beautiful designs. 

Contact myheartcreative, an Oklahoma web design company, to join their family of happy clients.


Welcome Sakura Bloom, Platinum BOND Sponsor

Today on the BOND Blog we welcome Platinum Sponsor... 

Sakura Bloom

We are thrilled to announce their support of BOND, and loved this chance to get to know them a bit better. Keep reading to hear all about Sakura Bloom from their Founder, Lynne Banach.

Tell us about your company, who you are, and what do you do.

Parents have always carried their children: in their arms, on their shoulders, wrapped onto their body with a simple piece of cloth, in front packs or back packs, in slings slung over one shoulder or two. Parents around the world know the secrets of baby slings. They calm children. They provide babies with a safe environment for encountering the world. They help with baby’s emotional, physical, and social development. They allow you to get work done. They make you both happy.

Sakura Bloom slings infuse lush all-natural textiles with a minimalist, modern design. Combining function with fashion, Sakura Bloom slings enable you to parent in your own way, while allowing your child to be an active part of the world around him. We work out of a seaside design studio in Leucadia, CA, which is where our team of 5 maintains a home base (it’s only 145 square feet), and all of our slings are handcrafted in and shipped from our workshop in coastal Massachusetts, where we originated. We source only the highest quality fibers for our textiles, and stand behind our belief in the empowerment of our customer, considering the needs and desires of our customers, community, and retailers at every step. We are active members within the babywearing industry, passionate about infant/caregiver connection, and dedicated to remaining at the forefront of education and appropriate use.

Tell us a bit about what inspired you to start your business.

My vision for Sakura Bloom really stemmed from my own personal experience of motherhood… and it was somewhat accidental! When my daughter Teja was born in 2005, we were living in Massachusetts. At the time, it was next to impossible to find unique baby carriers in local stores. Big box stores were the only option for most people, and they offered pretty much one style of carrier and definitely nothing made locally. I didn’t shop in big box stores for myself and I certainly didn’t want to start with my baby, so when I was pregnant, I would drive over an hour from our house in Massachusetts to the cutest little boutique in Connecticut that sold cloth diapers just to see the different colors and be able to talk with someone about what we would need or want. 

Teja was a newborn when I made my first couple of slings - one for me and a second one for my sister, Carole, an anthropology professor at CU in Boulder, Colorado. At the time, babywearing wasn’t a household term, so I was excited when a local boutique owner inquired about her gorgeous silk sling (it was the original Sakura Stripe Artisan) and asked if I would make some for her shop. I knew I wanted for people to have that same experience that I had for cloth diapers with their slings… to be able to feel the textiles, try the sling on, shop locally, and of course find community. So I said yes and made it my mission to try to bring babywearing to the boutiques dotting our downtowns. That boutique I loved while pregnant would become one of our very first retailers, and today we have over 250 small, local independent retailers (mostly women-owned) around the world helping new parents get comfy in their Sakura Blooms.

What brings you the most joy in your business?

There are so many things that bring me joy about Sakura Bloom! Of course I love our slings and watching them come to life: the way they enable people to parent successfully with their babies along for the ride, experiencing it all, is incredibly gratifying. From a design perspective, I’ve always appreciated minimalist, modern design and I think that comes through in our overall style here at Sakura Bloom; simple, clean lines coupled with heirloom quality textiles. One of my favorite things is forecasting trends in color and style and translating those findings into offerings that will appeal to our customers’ individual tastes and interests.

Supporting local economies and keeping maker artistry alive invigorates me, too. Creating a handmade item resonates with me already, so adding the additional element of collaborating with an artist to imbue these added layers and special design elements to our handcrafted slings, studio space, and events is incredibly special. From hand dyed silks of Brooklyn textile artist Shabd Simon Alexander to the live-edge custom wood desks and signs handcrafted for us by Leucadia local and friend Neiko Pagaduan of Timber Library, to partnering with like-minded, independent boutiques, it brings me immense satisfaction to know that we are able to design beautiful things, provide personalized service, and ultimately play a role in keeping our downtowns alive.

The thing that probably brings me the most joy, though, is building community and creating a platform for parents to have their voices be heard.  From our 2009 Triathlon, to the 2011 Styleathon, to the 2011-2015 Sling Diaries, to one of our latest fun projects, Behind the Slings, we work hard to normalize modern parenting - all of it - breastfeeding/bottle feeding, cosleeping, working mothers, alternative families, diversity, adoption - we offer empowerment and a safe haven in which everyone has a voice and that voice speaks for beauty in all of its forms.


What is important to you about the BOND Conference?

BOND speaks to us in so many ways because the tenets that it stands for mirror our own here at Sakura Bloom – including continuing to support the conversation surrounding infant, child and family development and bonding. We believe that we truly are First Responders in that we engage with and support new parents through pregnancy, childbirth, and the first years as a family. At the end of the day, being a part of the conversation and working as a team to support families and community truly speaks to all that we believe in. 

Yes, we are a sling company… but first, we were parents. Combining those capacities, we could not be more excited to be a piece of the conversation that is developing surrounding the prenatal and early postnatal period. Each of the voices in this conversation brings a breadth of experience, research, and knowledge – and BOND is a tremendous opportunity to bring it all together: research on infant/early child development, attachment, sociology, public health, education, the experience of medical professionals, pediatric support professionals, educators, volunteer, and manufacturers, and of course, our collective minds and skills as a service community working to strengthen human bonding and family health.

Welcome Wrapsody, Platinum BOND Sponsor!

Please help us give a warm welcome to an amazing Platinum sponsor...


The Wrapsody team has been a fantastic BOND partner so far, and we can't wait for you to get to know them better! Kristi Hayes-Devlin, Founder and CEM, is joining us today for a beautiful piece on Wrapsody's product line and their partnership with BOND....

Babywearing and Connected Parenting Can Change the World

At Wrapsody, we believe that well-connected families have the freedom to form strong, healthy attachments that are the foundation of strong, healthy adults. Babywearing is often a cornerstone of the parenting styles shown to have the greatest positive outcomes for children, families, and communities. 

My vision when I started this company was to share the joy of babywearing with every family, everywhere. If my company can empower more families to use babywearing to stay connected with not only their babies, but themselves and their communities, I truly believe the effects will ripple outward. 


Well-connected families are strong bricks in the foundation of a connected, cooperative, society. It sounds lofty, but I truly believe that babywearing and that educators who teach families about connected parenting can change the world. 

Wrapsody Baby Carriers

When Wrapsody was a kitchen table business and still called “Gypsy Mama” in celebration of my great grandmother’s heritage, gauze wraps were the staple product. 

These custom-dyed, appliqued creations would evolve and become our Breeze wraps after I connected with a Balinese artisan, a single mother who owned a small batik and sewing operation. At the time, there were few options for prints in the woven wrap industry – mostly stripes and a few small patterns in the Didymos line. 


The market for stretch wraps was similarly straightforward. The wraps available were in solid colors, and they were quite narrow and fairly stretchy. I set out to design a different kind of stretchy wrap, and I introduced our Hybrid line – wide and supportive enough to carry toddlers on the back, and yet light enough to be comfortable even in hot weather. Even better? They were drop dead gorgeous, unlike anything else on the market at the time. 



Additionally, in my personal quest for a daily shower, I had sought and found the ideal fabric for the first “Water Wrap” on the market, now called the “WrapDuO.” I was excited to stumble into a high-tech, recycled sports-knit that made a supportive, fast-drying and very comfortable baby wrap that felt like a high quality bathing suit. Bonus? It’s dressy and gorgeous and slinky in appearance and makes a very glamorous stretchy wrap even out of water!   











We tried several other products, long retired now – wool wraps, microfleece, hemp-silk, towel pouches, and even special babywearing coats and ponchos, but until recently, our lineup did not change much after 2006. 

Now, we’ve worked with Jan at Sleeping Baby Productions to create what we think is an amazing ring sling. It’s a soft, lightweight, yet cushy cotton-linen fabric blend, batiked in signature Wrapsody style. Jan’s special pleated shoulder creates amazing “comfort channels” that make this sling ideal for new babywearers and works with nearly every body type. The engineering in her shoulder design is magnificent. She was a brilliant pioneer and I’m honored she’s let us license her design. 







We’ll be displaying all of these products in the BOND Museum-style boutique with special pricing for on-site educators. 

Integrating Personal Values With Company Ethics

I’ve always loved learning and regretted, a bit, that I didn’t go into a research field. I was quite young when I started Wrapsody – 25 – and not long out of college, where I graduated with a degree in education. Teaching and learning are my greatest passions. 

With each product we introduce, I apply this passion, testing fabrics for comfort and breathability – sometimes hundreds of swatches – to choose the ones that act in the way I want them to. 

Research and education in the babywearing field have come a long way since 2004. I’ve always kept my finger on the pulse of information in order to ensure my teaching and products are in line with evidence-based practice. It was exhausting trying to chase this information down as an individual, and when CPSIA legislation was passed, it was only because my babywearing mentors were paying close attention that I knew about it. 

I began working to form a trade organization so all companies could benefit from better understanding of laws, research, and regulations and speak with one voice, whether those were the voices of educators, of manufacturers, of retail stores, or of manufacturers of coats or sling rings. In June 2010, at 37 weeks pregnant, I began forming the first board of what would become the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance. The BCIA has made it much easier for those in our industry to share information, research, and knowledge, and Wrapsody is one of the many companies and organizations that have benefitted from this! 

Why Wrapsody Wanted to Sponsor the BOND Conference

The Center for Babywearing Studies is another such company. Joanna has done a beautiful job of collaborating with colleagues both in the babywearing field and also other related fields to bring together information in carefully tailored classes. 

By creating the BOND Conference, the CBWS team will be able to bring components of their work to people in a much larger category than “babywearing educator/manufacturer/retailer,” and I could not be more pleased! 

BOND, to me, embodies our mission of connecting people and families, and really lives their own principle of “one family at a time” by reaching out to those who work with families. Everyone who leaves this conference will surely be better able to help parents and families understand the need for healthy, strong attachments – and as I said in the beginning, I really do believe that strong, healthy attachments in infancy leads naturally to strong, healthy adults, who become important members in a connected, cooperative, and compassionate society. 

I am honored that Wrapsody can sponsor BOND and excited to come as an individual to learn and bring that learning back to our website and my individual work with families and educators, and also, to our product design. Joanna has a special gift of shining a new light on each piece of information she presents, then tying seemingly disparate pieces of information together. I leave each interaction with her carrying a new perspective, and I am confident that this conference will bring tremendous value not only to Wrapsody and those of us attending, but that each attendee will touch many others. One family at a time, we are making a tremendous impact on one another and on humanity in general. 

Thank you, Kristi, for this beautiful blog on your company, and to the whole team at Wrapsody for their support of the BOND Conference! 

Meet BOND Conference Sponsor, MOBY!

Today on the BOND Blog we welcome a fantastic Diamond Sponsor...


We are so thankful to this wonderful business, not only for partnering with BOND, but for supporting what we stand for. When asked what inspired their partnership with BOND, MOBY co-founder Gillian Beerman told us

“This is directly up my alley - education, children and babywearing. We were made for each other! BOND will create a place to continue the conversation with professionals about babies and their need for touch, and to be held close safely, securely, and comfortably.”

So what's MOBY all about? We invited Gillian to tell us about who they are, and what they do! 

MOBY® started in 2003, when a student introduced me to a wrap-style carrier that she had. It was from Europe. I had never seen this type of carrier before. I tried it on and was incredibly impressed with how comfortable it was! The weight was evenly distributed, no digging or pinching, and it was adjustable.  I wanted to share this with others.

My father was living in Thailand at the time and we were about to go visit him, me, my husband, and my 2 children (I now have 4). We had a family friend who owned a factory that sewed doll clothes, and they were eager to help us get started creating a similar wrap. With a background in Clinical Psychology and teaching Parent Education, it was important to me that this project be more than just another baby product; we wanted a wrap that encouraged parent/child bonding, that was easy to use, and comfortable for all. MOBY™ (MOther + baBY) has exceeded our expectations, helping reestablish the cultural and developmental benefits of parent/child bonding through the practice of keeping baby close through babywearing! 

At the time we founded MOBY™ I had a 3 year old and newborn. When I was introduced to the wrap-style carrier, I loved how the carrier fully supported my newborn's head so I felt secure to hold my toddler's hand so I could grab my toddler's hand or even pick her up and carry her on my hip while having my baby in the wrap. While I was teaching my class, I would have my babysitter wear the wrap and walk around with my newborn. I knew he was safe and secure, I knew he was comfortable, and I knew he was enjoying the benefits of being held close, even when I wasn’t the one currently wearing him. I wanted to share this with other parents and caregivers! The wrap-style carrier was such a more intimate experience than the carriers I had used with my first baby. It was a secret I just couldn’t keep!

MOBY Wrap3.jpg

What keeps the MOBY team going? We asked Gillian to tell us about what brings the most joy in their business!

Hearing stories from other parents about how the Moby Wrap helped them through the newborn months. These are genuine notes of gratitude, telling me that the wrap saved their sanity and helped promote bonding. They’d compare their “before” when it felt like they couldn’t get anything done and baby would just cry and cry, but by wearing their baby they were able to take care of life, and baby was soothed and comforted. A win win situation. And then there are the stories of the premature babies who needed to be held skin-on-skin in order to thrive, and who have used the Moby Wrap and it worked so well for them that they were released early from the hospital!

Many thanks to Gillian for joining us on blog, and to all of the MOBY team for being a part of the BOND Conference! 

Welcome, Susan Singer, BOND Conference Sponsor!

We are so excited to welcome this amazing Bronze Sponsor as a BOND Conference Partner. Please help us give a warm welcome to artist

Susan Singer, author of "Birth Affirmations"

She took the time to write a very special blog for us, featuring some of her beautiful artwork. You won't want to miss this one!

Scene 1: December 5, 1986, Sandusky Ohio, hospital room.  A young woman attached to a fetal heart monitor lies in bed, passes out between contractions as Darvon pushes away all consciousness and Pitocin-induced pain. Admonishments from the nurses that her cries are scaring the other women force her to stifle her voice and to be quiet.  Two hours of pushing pass as she waits for the doctor to be available to deliver her baby. Her beautiful baby boy crowns and is born without complications.  Love blows her mind as her son is placed in her arms. 



Scene 2: August 31, 1989, Richmond, VA, home.  The same young woman wanders peacefully around her backyard feeling the waves of contractions.  She sits on her back steps and contemplates the opening of a rose, comparing it to her cervix. Transition finds her on a toilet, bearing down, groaning, focused, remembering that the pain is her power.  She squats to deliver her daughter, roaring for all the world to hear. This is the most empowering moment of her life as love once again blows her away.



Scene 3: March 25, 1992, Richmond, VA, home.  Same woman, now beginning to feel her years and the stress of life.  Stomach flu, diarrhea take over her body all night.  It’s hard to kneel, hard to propel the vomit over her huge belly.

30 Seconds Old.jpg

Scene 4: March 26, 1992, Richmond, VA, home. As morning comes, so, too, do the now familiar contractions.  She sits in the warm tub water encouraging the baby to delay his arrival, but he is insistent.  Exhausted, she lies down to gather her strength.  As she waits for the midwife, a friend soothes her with kind words and chicken soup.  The midwife arrives.  The woman affirms she has all the energy and stamina she needs to birth her baby.  She gyrates her hips, belly dancing as millions have done before her, finds her way through the day, delivers her son - another precious and oh-so-welcome life - with joy and relief. 

Scene 5: 1996. The woman is now a single mom sharing custody of her three precious children, trying to constructively fill the time when they are gone to help her bear the agony of their absence. She begins to do art.  Her first drawings are of herself when she was pregnant.  They teach her to love her body, to have compassion for herself, to love the woman gazing at her from the photos.  And they lead her to become the artist she is today. 

Scene 6: Feb 11, 2015, Germantown, MD, Dayspring Retreat Center, Silent Retreat.  In meditation she receives a leading to create a book of Birth Affirmations combined with the many drawings of pregnant nudes and babies she’s done over the years. She returns home filled with a longing to create this gift for young women ready to give birth and to raise their own precious children.

Scene 7: July 7, 2015, Richmond, VA, home.  The woman, no longer so young, anxiously awaits the arrival of her new baby, her book Birth Affirmations.  2000 copies are delivered by a kind driver who recognizes her excitement and watches her delight as she unpacks the very first book and gazes into it for the very first time.  Immediately she begins offering the book to the world, arms wide open, heart bursting with joy.





Scene 8: April 21-24, 2016, New York City, Bond Conference.  Still filled with excitement and desire to share her creation, the woman arrives at the Paper Factory Hotel, full of anticipation, excited to meet others whose share her passion for birth and babies and raising sane children in a sometimes-challenging world.  She gives each participant a copy of Birth Affirmations, hoping they will love it as she does and will share it with their circles.  She so wants this little book to make a difference in the lives of mothers, babies, fathers, and care providers.  She wants women to feel their own strength and power, to trust their own truth, to love their babies with a ferocity that conquers all fear. And she hopes her book will help them do that. 

You can reach this mother, artist, writer, friend, Susan Singer, at and can learn more about her book Birth Affirmations at  Susan Singer is delighted to create commissioned artwork of the precious moments of your life, to provide you with copies of Birth Affirmations, to speak with your groups about the power of affirmations, or to lead art workshops for your community.  She would love to fill your life with art and empowerment!



  • Lamaze 
  • DONA 
  • ICEA 

We expect to receive word any day about approval from:

  • CAPPA 
  • American College of Nurse-Midwives
  • American Association for Respiratory Care
  • Certified Health Educator Specialist

Welcome BOND Sponsor Baby K'tan!

We are very excited to welcome Baby K'tan as a Silver Level supporter of BOND Conference!

The team over at Baby K'tan has been wonderful to work with and an amazing support of the BOND mission. We invite you to learn a bit more about them and their partnership with us here at BOND...

Copy of Ergo Sponsor Welcome-2.jpg

So, who is Baby K'tan? 

Baby K'tan, LLC’s mission is to provide families with functional and innovative products, designed to help promote the natural bond between parent and baby. Originally founded as a family-owned business, the company is still owned and operated by the Chesal and Wernick families over 8 years later. 

Baby K’tan was founded in 2007 by the Chesals and Wernicks – two families who have been close friends for years.  Each family was raising a child with special needs, in addition to two other children. Wanting to carry their babies as much as possible and provide the nourishment they require for healthy development, both families experimented with different baby slings, carrier and baby wraps. Chesal desired to provide for her son, Coby, born with Down syndrome, with the sensory nourishment he required for optimal development, while also wanting to carry him as much as possible for parent-child bonding. There were few options available on the market, thus, the first prototype of the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier was born as a homemade hybrid that improved and incorporated different aspects from other carrier models available.

With a background in marketing, Chesal soon realized that the attention she was getting for the carrier was a sign that she should take it to market.Introduced towards the second half of 2007, Baby K’tan has had an amazing 8 short years on the market.  While the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier has grown in popularity partially because of its unique ready-to-wear hybrid design, the Baby K’tan brand has relied heavily on an in-depth social media campaign to propel the brand forward.


Baby K’tan is best known for its flagship product, the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier, which allows mom or dad to comfortably wear baby without the need for any wrapping or buckling. Pioneering for its time, Baby K’tan offered a solution to parents that may have otherwise been intimidated or overwhelmed with the many carrier options on the market; fittingly coined as the “ready-to-wear” wrap. Though best known for newborn babywearing, the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier’s patented double-loop design is a cross between a wrap, sling and a structured carrier, enabling caregivers to comfortably carry baby in multiple positions, from newborn and up. 

Over the years, Baby K’tan, LLC has expanded its product line with the introductions of various specialty fabrics, each designed to fill a specific need. The carrier line now includes an eco-friendly natural Organic cotton version as well as their newer Breeze and Active versions – designed for added breathability and UV protections for the energetic parent or for those warm babywearing days.

Baby K’tan has also recently introduced their SmartGear Diaper Bag – an inventive and functional diaper bag that includes a built-in wetbag with antibacterial lining – along with their 3-IN-1 K’tanCloth, a multifunctional burp cloth. 


At BOND, we always love hearing what makes a team so passionate about their business, so we asked the Baby K'tan team to share what brings them the most joy in their work...

Having a newborn can bring a lot of joy to parent and families, but it can also be a stressful time, especially for moms who are learning to adjust or who have other children. Being able to wear your baby and bond with them, is something we are proud to take part in. We’ve made a carrier that is simple to use! Many moms and parents are intimidated by wrapping; but Baby K’tan takes pride in being known as “the gateway carrier,” allowing moms to venture into the community of babywearing.

Hug and Newborn.jpg

We also wanted to know a bit about what inspired the Baby K'tan Team to partner with BOND...

We had the wonderful opportunity to work with Joanna, recently, during our Adaptive Babywearing Facebook chat where she chimed in with her expertise and we were grateful for her wealth of information. With healthy, family-bonding as the foundation for the BOND Conference, we knew that we wanted to be a part of it.

Babywearing isn’t a new concept. We are aware of that at Baby K’tan, but we also know that our baby carrier is a fairly new design and concept. Our carrier allows for parents and caregivers to bond with their babies, and in some instances, in a way that may not have been possible without the Baby K’tan carrier.  

It is equally important to us to share the knowledge of babywearing and how it “fits in” to the bonding experience, making this partnership with the BOND conference, a perfect “fit” as we support this collaborative effort.

Upon reading and learning about the BOND Conference’s founding principles, Baby K’tan realized we not only shared similar values, but created a business based on the needs of our families.  We are eager to partner with Joanna and her colleagues, and share knowledge and a product that is beneficial to all families and encourage the strides that the BOND conference is making in the parenting community.  The passions that the founders of the BOND Conference have, along with the experts that will be attending, shows the dedication to educating and supporting families as they grow and expand.


Have you made your travel plans for the BOND Conference?


If you are flying into town, LA GUARDIA AIRPORT is by far the closest to the Paper Factory Hotel, only fifteen minutes without traffic. However, JFK is just a thirty minute ride without traffic, so it is not that much further to travel. 
Newark International Airport is the furthest away and the most expensive to travel from, as a taxi ride will have an additional surcharge to travel into NYC, on top of the metered time plus tolls. If at all possible, we recommend travelling into either La Guardia or JFK. 
The easiest way to travel to the BOND Conference from the airport is by taxi. There are well marked and organized taxi stands at every NY Area airport. Taxis traveling from any NY Area airport to Long Island City, Queens, will charge a metered fare at rates set by the NYS Taxi Commission. 
For more information, go to:
If you wish to use your Uber account, please find details here:

We scoured Trip Advisor and found what we think are the best options in LIC near the Paper Factory Hotel. They all have a guest rating of 4 or above, and each offers unique features for a variety of budgets. 
The Local Hostels NYC
1302 44th Avenue Long Island City, NY 11101 1-347-738-5251

Z NYC Hotel
11-01 43rd Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101
(212) 319-7000

Holiday Inn L.I. City-Manhattan View
39-05 29th St.
Long Island City, New York 11101
(877) 859-5095

Boro Hotel
38-28 27th Street Long Island City, NY 11101 (718) 433-1375

Wyndham Garden Long Island City Manhattan View

44-29 9th Street
Long Island City, NY 11101  
(718) 906-1900


Home2 Suites by Hilton New York Long Island City/ Manhattan View, NY
39-06 30th St,
Long Island City, NY 11101
(855) 277-5400

Hilton Garden Inn New York Long Island City/Manhattan View
29-21 41st Avenue, 
Long Island City, New York, 11101
(718) 786-6001

Want to connect with others to share a hotel room or childcare?

Join the BOND Conference Discussion group on Facebook! We are always here to help with your questions as well, please email to connect with the BOND Team.


See you next month!

The BOND Team"

Meet Ergobaby, BOND Conference Diamond Sponsor!

BOND Conference is dedicated to being a place where research meets practice. We are so lucky to have found an amazing partnership with this sponsor, who is dedicated to supporting that mission! Please give a warm welcome to Diamond Level sponsor....


We asked the Ergobaby team to join us on the BOND blog for an introduction. Christina Soletti, Senior Manager at Ergobaby, is with us today to tell us more about Ergobaby. Read below to discover more about their mission and how BOND fits in!

Why we decided to sponsor BOND

For over a decade, we have made it our mission to promote bonding by providing uniquely comfortable and ergonomic carriers throughout the world.  We believe that babywearing takes our babies back to their safe place—reminding them that we are home, their little bodies pressed up against ours, the beat of our heart right alongside theirs. 


Henrik and I had the opportunity to attend the Attachment Parenting Symposium at Notre Dame with Joanna McNeilly.  We were inspired then and continue to be inspired by Joanna’s dedication to supporting the needs of parents and children.  We are thrilled to see the BOND conference come to life as a resource and support for professionals and parents alike, providing evidence-based research to promote the bonding between parents and children.  




About Ergobaby

The Ergobaby Carrier began as a mom’s home-based business. Karin Frost developed the original Ergobaby Carrier for her son in 2003 in order to keep him close.  She believed that keeping her son close (for as many hours as possible) was the best for early childhood development, and sought to find a carrier comfortable enough to wear throughout the day so her daily routine wouldn’t skip a beat.  However, she was disappointed with baby slings and pouches on the market at the time because none of them could meet her needs of all day comfort and support for her and her baby.  With a background in fashion design and an understanding of how clothing best supports the human body, Karin’s goal was to make a carrier with maximum, all day comfort for herself and her son by focusing on ergonomic design.  Soon other parents in her Maui parenting community admired her carrier and wanted one like it, so she began to sew them herself for her friends. Soon, the requests expanded beyond Karin’s own friends and in her garage, the Ergobaby Carrier was born.

Karin sought feedback from fellow parents, studied kids’ reactions to being carried, and found an enthusiastic audience of like-minded moms and dads. From that humble beginning, Ergobaby has grown worldwide and is dedicated to building a global community of confident parents with smart, ergonomic solutions that enable and encourage bonding between parents and babies. 



Ergobaby’s Product Inspiration

At Ergobaby, we are continually amazed by how the tiniest person can transform our lives with just one exquisite breath. Suddenly nothing is more important than keeping baby safe, comfortable and happily by our sides.  Our products are inspired by the daily experiences of families everywhere.  With each milestone and transition, we anticipate the needs of parents at home and on the go so they can keep bonding and growing.






Why we love working at Ergobaby


I oversee Community, which for Ergobaby includes social media, education, PR and events. Ergobaby was founded by a mom, sewing carriers out of her home.  The popularity of Ergobaby and the spread of babywearing is due to the community of moms who supported that early product.  Ergobaby’s growth was fostered completely from word of mouth.  Mom-to-mom communication. It’s that love for the product and community that is still important today.  It’s that community of parents who want to share their love of life with their child, that is still so special about Ergobaby.  It’s the reason why I was drawn to the company in the first place.  Almost every mom I ran into while I was pregnant recommended an Ergobaby Carrier to me.  If motherhood is the ultimate sisterhood, babywearing is the ultimate community.  I wanted to be a part of that and it still thrills me to see someone in the news wearing an Ergobaby.  Babywearing in the news…and Ergobaby was a big part of that.  The Ergobaby community continues to be so vibrant and supportive.

My daughter was born in 2010 and my Organic Ergobaby was my go-to carrier for much of her life, until she was about 4 years old.  I had taken about a year off work to spend with my daughter and was working freelance on writing projects when she was about 2 years old.  I got a call from my writing partner who asked if I wanted to pitch a business with him.  He thought I would be perfect for the brand, which needed some help with social media and content.  I asked “what is the name of the company?”  He said, “Ergobaby.  Maybe you’ve heard of them?”  “Heard of them? I’m wearing my daughter on my back right now in an Ergobaby as I talk to you!”  I started with Ergobaby soon after.

Working at Ergobaby has given me so much-- from a vibrant community to the opportunity to attend conferences such as BOND.  Working with such talented individuals such as Laura Brown, our Education Coordinator to Henrik Norholt, our Chief Science officer and the rest of the amazing team is such a privilege.  I look forward to attending BOND with my team and learning new ways to help support parents bond with their children.  

—Christina Soletti



Meet the BCIA, Diamond Sponsor!

As BOND began to come to life, we knew we could not do this alone. We needed the support of others who understood the importance of supporting families in a way that helps them build greater BONDs. The very first sponsor to become a part of BOND is here with us on the Blog today. We could not be more thankful for their support and encouragement!

Please give a warm welcome Diamond Sponsor, the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance!

Here to tell us a bit more about the BCIA's mission and their partnership with BOND, is Linnea Catalan, Executive Director.

The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance is absolutely thrilled to be partnering with the BOND Conference as Diamond Level sponsors. We have been looking for the right opportunity to get involved in, and when BOND came up as a possibility, we knew it was the right fit for our organization.

The BCIA was formed in 2010 as a 501(c)(6) by a group of passionate industry leaders committed to creating industry cohesion. 6 years later, that small coalition has grown to become the only international trade organization representing the baby carrier industry. We now represent just under 500 manufacturers, retailers, distributors and educators worldwide, from multinational companies, to artisan micro-businesses. The BCIA really is a cooperative endeavor. We have a very small staff, a committed Board of Directors, and enthusiastic business members who are willing to volunteer, chair committees, and get involved to tackle the issues that we collectively decide are priority.

Our primary goals are to help our members bring safe, quality carriers to market, to increase awareness of the value of baby carriers, and to help small businesses comply with regulations. The BCIA works to propagate standards, participate in research and promote educational outreach. Everyone in this industry is passionate about babywearing- most of us do what we do because we know first hand that babywearing is an invaluable parenting tool. We believe that all babies benefit from in-arms parenting, close contact and secure attachment. Baby carriers can help facilitate that.

BOND’s unique multidisciplinary approach and appeal to a broad range of care providers is very in line with BCIA’s focus on education and outreach. Baby carrier use is an invaluable tool that supports so many different end goals, whether care providers are supporting fragile infants who need kangaroo care to thrive, assisting mothers as they establish breastfeeding, and everything in between. Nurses, doulas, pediatricians, midwives, lactation consultants, physiotherapists and so many others benefit from being able to pass on babywearing knowledge to their clients. BCIA is honored to be contributing an industry voice to the conversation, and we are excited to add to our own body of knowledge through our participation in the BOND conference.