Meet West of the 4th Weaving

We were so excited to work alongside this company for BOND! The masterminds behind some beautiful works of artistry and with an amazing focus on accessibility and education....

West of the 4th Weaving

We first met Corwyn and Nancy Warwaruk at a Center for Babywearing Studies training. We were so impressed by their long standing commitment to the art of weaving and to the babywearing community. They are also dedicated to providing jobs to their local community in their Canadian studio. 

Nancy started weaving when she was 18 years old when she joined her local weaving guild. She creates handwoven baby wraps, as well as other products West of the 4th is dedicated to persevering and sharing the art of hand weaving through creating hand woven baby wraps for you to use every day.

Wanting to make the beauty of a handwoven available at a more accessible price point, West of the 4th also created their Accessible Line, a line of machine woven wraps and ringslings that replicate the look and feel of Nancy's handwoven wraps!

Nancy and Corwyn are dedicated to bringing education to their community and helping all families BOND, we are honored to have partnered with them at BOND 2016.