Meet the BCIA, Diamond Sponsor!

As BOND began to come to life, we knew we could not do this alone. We needed the support of others who understood the importance of supporting families in a way that helps them build greater BONDs. The very first sponsor to become a part of BOND is here with us on the Blog today. We could not be more thankful for their support and encouragement!

Please give a warm welcome Diamond Sponsor, the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance!

Here to tell us a bit more about the BCIA's mission and their partnership with BOND, is Linnea Catalan, Executive Director.

The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance is absolutely thrilled to be partnering with the BOND Conference as Diamond Level sponsors. We have been looking for the right opportunity to get involved in, and when BOND came up as a possibility, we knew it was the right fit for our organization.

The BCIA was formed in 2010 as a 501(c)(6) by a group of passionate industry leaders committed to creating industry cohesion. 6 years later, that small coalition has grown to become the only international trade organization representing the baby carrier industry. We now represent just under 500 manufacturers, retailers, distributors and educators worldwide, from multinational companies, to artisan micro-businesses. The BCIA really is a cooperative endeavor. We have a very small staff, a committed Board of Directors, and enthusiastic business members who are willing to volunteer, chair committees, and get involved to tackle the issues that we collectively decide are priority.

Our primary goals are to help our members bring safe, quality carriers to market, to increase awareness of the value of baby carriers, and to help small businesses comply with regulations. The BCIA works to propagate standards, participate in research and promote educational outreach. Everyone in this industry is passionate about babywearing- most of us do what we do because we know first hand that babywearing is an invaluable parenting tool. We believe that all babies benefit from in-arms parenting, close contact and secure attachment. Baby carriers can help facilitate that.

BOND’s unique multidisciplinary approach and appeal to a broad range of care providers is very in line with BCIA’s focus on education and outreach. Baby carrier use is an invaluable tool that supports so many different end goals, whether care providers are supporting fragile infants who need kangaroo care to thrive, assisting mothers as they establish breastfeeding, and everything in between. Nurses, doulas, pediatricians, midwives, lactation consultants, physiotherapists and so many others benefit from being able to pass on babywearing knowledge to their clients. BCIA is honored to be contributing an industry voice to the conversation, and we are excited to add to our own body of knowledge through our participation in the BOND conference.