Meet Ergobaby, BOND Conference Diamond Sponsor!

BOND Conference is dedicated to being a place where research meets practice. We are so lucky to have found an amazing partnership with this sponsor, who is dedicated to supporting that mission! Please give a warm welcome to Diamond Level sponsor....


We asked the Ergobaby team to join us on the BOND blog for an introduction. Christina Soletti, Senior Manager at Ergobaby, is with us today to tell us more about Ergobaby. Read below to discover more about their mission and how BOND fits in!

Why we decided to sponsor BOND

For over a decade, we have made it our mission to promote bonding by providing uniquely comfortable and ergonomic carriers throughout the world.  We believe that babywearing takes our babies back to their safe place—reminding them that we are home, their little bodies pressed up against ours, the beat of our heart right alongside theirs. 


Henrik and I had the opportunity to attend the Attachment Parenting Symposium at Notre Dame with Joanna McNeilly.  We were inspired then and continue to be inspired by Joanna’s dedication to supporting the needs of parents and children.  We are thrilled to see the BOND conference come to life as a resource and support for professionals and parents alike, providing evidence-based research to promote the bonding between parents and children.  




About Ergobaby

The Ergobaby Carrier began as a mom’s home-based business. Karin Frost developed the original Ergobaby Carrier for her son in 2003 in order to keep him close.  She believed that keeping her son close (for as many hours as possible) was the best for early childhood development, and sought to find a carrier comfortable enough to wear throughout the day so her daily routine wouldn’t skip a beat.  However, she was disappointed with baby slings and pouches on the market at the time because none of them could meet her needs of all day comfort and support for her and her baby.  With a background in fashion design and an understanding of how clothing best supports the human body, Karin’s goal was to make a carrier with maximum, all day comfort for herself and her son by focusing on ergonomic design.  Soon other parents in her Maui parenting community admired her carrier and wanted one like it, so she began to sew them herself for her friends. Soon, the requests expanded beyond Karin’s own friends and in her garage, the Ergobaby Carrier was born.

Karin sought feedback from fellow parents, studied kids’ reactions to being carried, and found an enthusiastic audience of like-minded moms and dads. From that humble beginning, Ergobaby has grown worldwide and is dedicated to building a global community of confident parents with smart, ergonomic solutions that enable and encourage bonding between parents and babies. 



Ergobaby’s Product Inspiration

At Ergobaby, we are continually amazed by how the tiniest person can transform our lives with just one exquisite breath. Suddenly nothing is more important than keeping baby safe, comfortable and happily by our sides.  Our products are inspired by the daily experiences of families everywhere.  With each milestone and transition, we anticipate the needs of parents at home and on the go so they can keep bonding and growing.






Why we love working at Ergobaby


I oversee Community, which for Ergobaby includes social media, education, PR and events. Ergobaby was founded by a mom, sewing carriers out of her home.  The popularity of Ergobaby and the spread of babywearing is due to the community of moms who supported that early product.  Ergobaby’s growth was fostered completely from word of mouth.  Mom-to-mom communication. It’s that love for the product and community that is still important today.  It’s that community of parents who want to share their love of life with their child, that is still so special about Ergobaby.  It’s the reason why I was drawn to the company in the first place.  Almost every mom I ran into while I was pregnant recommended an Ergobaby Carrier to me.  If motherhood is the ultimate sisterhood, babywearing is the ultimate community.  I wanted to be a part of that and it still thrills me to see someone in the news wearing an Ergobaby.  Babywearing in the news…and Ergobaby was a big part of that.  The Ergobaby community continues to be so vibrant and supportive.

My daughter was born in 2010 and my Organic Ergobaby was my go-to carrier for much of her life, until she was about 4 years old.  I had taken about a year off work to spend with my daughter and was working freelance on writing projects when she was about 2 years old.  I got a call from my writing partner who asked if I wanted to pitch a business with him.  He thought I would be perfect for the brand, which needed some help with social media and content.  I asked “what is the name of the company?”  He said, “Ergobaby.  Maybe you’ve heard of them?”  “Heard of them? I’m wearing my daughter on my back right now in an Ergobaby as I talk to you!”  I started with Ergobaby soon after.

Working at Ergobaby has given me so much-- from a vibrant community to the opportunity to attend conferences such as BOND.  Working with such talented individuals such as Laura Brown, our Education Coordinator to Henrik Norholt, our Chief Science officer and the rest of the amazing team is such a privilege.  I look forward to attending BOND with my team and learning new ways to help support parents bond with their children.  

—Christina Soletti