Welcome, Lillebaby

It's wonderful to learn what happens behind the scenes at a company built to help families BOND. We have loved getting to know this sponsor, and hope you'll spend some time getting to know them better today too. Please give a warm welcome to...


Hi!  I’m Karyn Thurston, and I’m the Marketing Communications Specialist for LÍLLÉbaby, which means you’ll find me on social media, behind the scenes at video and photo shoots, and blogging my little heart out at lillebaby.com.  I’m so looking forward to spending the week with all of you in NY learning, listening, and hopefully making some great new friendships!  We are so excited about everything the BOND Conference and CBS are doing, and I’m honored to participate.

Bond and touch are inseparable partners in the first few magic months of a baby’s life.  For us, babywearing has always been first and foremost about wellness – health, bonding, security, safety, love – a key tool in the holistic development of our most precious and vulnerable gifts, and a way to improve the lives of families during what can be a rather overwhelming time.  

The work the BOND Conference is facilitating – the research, the education, and the sharing of vital information for these formative years – is exactly in line with the heart of what we do.  

How LILLEbaby Began

When LÍLLÉbaby founder Lisbeth Lehan set out a decade ago to create a baby carrier that would truly meet the needs of families in a COMPLETE and lasting way, she knew the key to success would be community.  Her design background and passion lay in leading teams of experts and combining their ideas, talents, and expertise to create the most well-rounded products possible.  She applied the full force of her experience to assemble a team of experts in their fields - parents, designers, a chiropractor, a rock climber, pediatricians, fashion consultants, and safety experts.  Together, they began to build what would become the LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE around the desires and needs of everyday families.  “If you follow parents - really observe and listen to them - you will notice how they adapt products and tools to their needs, even if that means using something in a way it wasn’t originally meant to be used. Some have babies who prefer to face forward, others babies who prefer to face in, and babies who frequently change their minds - we wanted to provide a carrier that could do everything, a simple solution with the versatility to be a good fit for every parent.” 

And so, over years of design, testing, trials, redesigns, and a whole lot of baby snuggles, the LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE was born.  Today, our thriving community continues to help us imagine and create new, innovative carriers and products, and we’re proud of the way our products have improved the first few whirlwind years of parenting for so many.  

The Team's Inspiration and Joy

LÍLLÉbaby is a family – we’re a small company of moms and professionals, and most of us work from home offices while living the reality of life as a parent every day!  We love our work because it is fully part of our lives – babywearing has played an essential role in our own families, and the opportunity to share that love with others, to provide them with a tool that comes with so many incredible benefits – that’s the heart for all of us.  That’s the joy.

When LÍLLÉbaby first reached out to me, I was a SAHM to a one year old little girl, and an avid babywearer who had all but given up on soft structured carriers.  The COMPLETE changed that for me, and the team at LÍLLÉbaby blew me away with their kindness and the incredible value they placed on each and every individual – the babies and the parents.  Customers immediately became part of the community, responded to and cared for, and that willingness to fully embrace new parents impressed and moved me.  The desire to educate and support is such an essential part of what all of us do, and it’s inspiring to see it happening in such a positive and affirming way.

Why We Are Partnering with BOND

This year, we’re doubling down on our commitment to a renewed focus on education and resources.  There is such an incredible wealth of information on the benefits of babywearing available to parents, and our goal is to connect our customers to the most current, accurate, safe, and helpful information, educators, groups, and tools.  The BOND Conference is a beautiful embodiment of this principle – an opportunity for us and our customers and community to learn from some of the industry’s leading experts, doctors, and educators.  We are all on the inside of this little world of avid babywearers, watching it expand and become part of the mainstream culture, and it’s beautiful and powerful to see.  Parents are stepping away from their strollers and toward attachment and the power of closeness – what a fantastic time it is for all of us to share our passion and experience with so many brand new babywearers.

BOND’s commitment to evidence based research and facilitating bonding and closeness is such an extraordinary asset to all of us, and we are beyond thrilled to partner with and learn from Joanna and her team.  Dr Moberg’s fascinating research on oxytocin is central to what we do in fostering bonding through babywearing, and Dr. Swain’s focus on fatherhood speaks directly to our desire to see more and more dads comfortably engaging in our community – we are incredibly excited to learn from them, as well as the other wonderful speakers.  The research and knowledge and skill present in this community is a treasure trove, and wherever folks are moving to bring that treasure to all new parents, we want to be a part of the journey!