Welcome, Nova Natural and Babylonia

BOND Conference is all about bringing our attendees a new experience, and that extends into the BOND Boutique. We want to partner with and showcase businesses that embody our core values. It was this that brought us to approaching the combination of buisnesses you'll meet on the BOND Blog today. We are thrilled to welcome....

Nova Natural and Babylonia USA

Come read all about this duo and make sure to check out their special section within the BOND Boutique!

As a business, we find joy in discovering toys and other products that are beneficial to all the faces of family life. We love to offer items that support the intense energy of parenting and the well-rounded development of children. Knowing that our products lead to families learning, growing and playing together is what it's all about. 

All About Nova Natural

Fifteen years ago, with their two sons still in diapers, Ted & Susan Blood decided to make Nova Natural a part of their lives. They wanted to provide toys and craft supplies that fostered children’s imaginations and to make it easier for parents to find them. They believe that toys made of natural materials warm children’s souls and add beauty to the homes of their families.

While the diapers are a distant memory, their enthusiasm for helping parents raise their children naturally has not waned. Instead, over time, they became interested in helping parents to start natural parenting earlier. They looked for products that would continue their original goal of supporting the wholesome development of children and families and felt that adding the Babylonia line of baby carriers and Peppa organic, fair trade dolls would be a perfect compliment to Nova Natural.

All About Babylonia

Baby carrying is what brought Babylonia’s founders into business in Belgium around the same time Ted & Susan were starting with Nova. Ingrid Guikers, the founder of Babylonia, wanted the benefits of baby carrying to be common knowledge. She also wanted parents to be able to easily and comfortably carry their babies and children for as long as possible because she knew the entire family benefits from the bonding and convenience that results from babywearing.

In time, the relationships that Babylonia developed in India, where their woven wraps are produced, led to the creation of their line of Peppa organic, fair trade dolls. With a wide range of styles, from towel dolls for babies to rag dolls for bigger kids, they are a wonderful alternative for parents looking to provide a safe, natural fiber doll to their children.

As a retailer through its BabyloniaUSA.com website and Babylonia’s US distributor through its NovaNatural.ws website, Nova Natural is able to offer the full range of Babylonia baby carriers and Peppa dolls to both consumers and retailers.

Better Together: Nova Natural & Babylonia

First and foremost, the combined Nova & Babylonia teams are babywearing enthusiasts who believe that proper bonding and child development occur when children have the opportunity to be close to their caregivers throughout the day. Babylonia produces the highest quality carriers combined with the added advantages of organic cotton and Fair Trade or European production. Selling these carriers, Nova Natural has been able to share the joy that comes from babywearing with many people, while also providing people the detailed information they need when selecting and using a baby carrier.

Becoming a Part of BOND

We have celebrated the steady spread of babywearing as a parenting choice in the USA. Many years ago, we chose it ourselves when our children were small, so we know its many benefits and pleasures. We believe by participating in BOND, we are taking a still further step to "normalizing" babywearing as a positive parenting choice to people without a family or cultural history of babywearing. Infant-parent attachment is essential for both baby and parent and we are pleased to support a conference with this specific focus.

The early days of parenting, even after the first child, are so intense and can often be a blur. The people who touch the lives of parents during these periods can have a momentous impact on how families thrive. Making these crucial providers aware of what tools exist for these budding families is why we wanted to be a part of the BOND Conference.