Meet BOND Conference Sponsor, MOBY!

Today on the BOND Blog we welcome a fantastic Diamond Sponsor...


We are so thankful to this wonderful business, not only for partnering with BOND, but for supporting what we stand for. When asked what inspired their partnership with BOND, MOBY co-founder Gillian Beerman told us

“This is directly up my alley - education, children and babywearing. We were made for each other! BOND will create a place to continue the conversation with professionals about babies and their need for touch, and to be held close safely, securely, and comfortably.”

So what's MOBY all about? We invited Gillian to tell us about who they are, and what they do! 

MOBY® started in 2003, when a student introduced me to a wrap-style carrier that she had. It was from Europe. I had never seen this type of carrier before. I tried it on and was incredibly impressed with how comfortable it was! The weight was evenly distributed, no digging or pinching, and it was adjustable.  I wanted to share this with others.

My father was living in Thailand at the time and we were about to go visit him, me, my husband, and my 2 children (I now have 4). We had a family friend who owned a factory that sewed doll clothes, and they were eager to help us get started creating a similar wrap. With a background in Clinical Psychology and teaching Parent Education, it was important to me that this project be more than just another baby product; we wanted a wrap that encouraged parent/child bonding, that was easy to use, and comfortable for all. MOBY™ (MOther + baBY) has exceeded our expectations, helping reestablish the cultural and developmental benefits of parent/child bonding through the practice of keeping baby close through babywearing! 

At the time we founded MOBY™ I had a 3 year old and newborn. When I was introduced to the wrap-style carrier, I loved how the carrier fully supported my newborn's head so I felt secure to hold my toddler's hand so I could grab my toddler's hand or even pick her up and carry her on my hip while having my baby in the wrap. While I was teaching my class, I would have my babysitter wear the wrap and walk around with my newborn. I knew he was safe and secure, I knew he was comfortable, and I knew he was enjoying the benefits of being held close, even when I wasn’t the one currently wearing him. I wanted to share this with other parents and caregivers! The wrap-style carrier was such a more intimate experience than the carriers I had used with my first baby. It was a secret I just couldn’t keep!

MOBY Wrap3.jpg

What keeps the MOBY team going? We asked Gillian to tell us about what brings the most joy in their business!

Hearing stories from other parents about how the Moby Wrap helped them through the newborn months. These are genuine notes of gratitude, telling me that the wrap saved their sanity and helped promote bonding. They’d compare their “before” when it felt like they couldn’t get anything done and baby would just cry and cry, but by wearing their baby they were able to take care of life, and baby was soothed and comforted. A win win situation. And then there are the stories of the premature babies who needed to be held skin-on-skin in order to thrive, and who have used the Moby Wrap and it worked so well for them that they were released early from the hospital!

Many thanks to Gillian for joining us on blog, and to all of the MOBY team for being a part of the BOND Conference!