Meet Cassiope Woven!

Supporting small business is something the BOND Team is very passionate about, and we hope that you are too! This past month at BOND, we had the pleasure of working with this sponsor, a small business based here in the United States. We are pleased to introduce you to...

Cassiope Woven

Heather Downing, creator of Cassiope, joins us today on the BOND blog to talk a bit about her business...

For me, babywearing has always been about fostering a healthy bond with my children & aiding others in doing the same. Remaining hands free was always a bonus while tending to other daily activities. Cassiope was birthed through my passion for babywearing & my love of art. Bringing the two together was a natural progression. Cassiope aims to bring education, community & quality woven wraps to the industry.

There was not so much of a "defining moment"  when I decided to start Cassiope, it was more of a dream that kept growing and I could not ignore it. I would work on designs that I wanted to wear & intermingle them with colors, finally I knew that the only thing holding me back, was myself. I stepped out in faith to follow a dream & haven't looked back.

What brings you the most joy in your business?

I love the moment when I am working with a parent or caregiver & they have the "ah ha" moment where they and the baby are comfortable. The looks of relief, comfort & confidence in their eyes is a big part of what fills my heart. Seeing a design come to life through the loom & then be worn while creating these special moments of bonding will never get old. 


What makes BOND important to you?

What sets BOND apart from other conferences is that they focus on education geared towards all who come in contact with infants in various avenues.