When we decided to host BOND Conference here in our hometown of New York City, we knew we would have to “rethink the traditional vendor hall,” and we have. We are creating a Museum-style boutique where you can discover the beauty of a product on your own.
— BOND Team

Having people encounter products and discover the value of a particular item is what drives vendors to showcase at a conference, and it is also one of the key reasons to attend a conference.  We want the same thing here at the BOND Boutique.

We decided to take the vendor hall idea someplace new and showcase our vendors' products in an exciting and interactive format: A Boutique like only New York City can deliver.

The BOND Boutique will sprawl across three rooms and into the Main Hall.  Our participants will have the luxury of an intimate and private introduction to the very products that their clients need and use. 

We have taken away the need to listen to a sales pitch, or to give one, so the attendees can read, explore, and learn more about a product, just like they would in an upscale boutique.

  • Each room will have dedicated BOND Boutique staff to answer questions and assist with understanding of the products.
  • Simplified purchasing and items shipped directly to you: no need for extra suitcases and no need for the vendor to spend the money in shipping.  Better for you, our vendors, and our environment.
  • Each themed room of the BOND Boutique will host a highly selected range of products.  Showcasing products in the 'Home' and at the 'Park' gives greater perspective on the items and encourages richer exploration.
  • Over the 3 full days, the opportunities to visit the BOND Boutique will be many: you will see it on your way in and out, as well as during each coffee break. We hope you are as excited about the BOND Boutique as we are about putting it together.
  • Customized shopping lists allow our participants to pick and choose the items they would like to have for their practice, without the rush or awkward questions from sales representatives.  In this relaxed setting, vendors have the opportunity to build better relationships with those who are influencing the parents of today and the future.