I really appreciate you taking the time to consider our personal invitation to speak during the BOND Conference! I know that you likely have many requests to speak and that choosing events to support may be a challenging process. I would like to take a moment to introduce you to BOND, our working model, and our core tenets.
— Joanna McNeilly


think:  Ted talk meets group facilitation

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We are open to your ideas and are happy to offset travel costs including airfare, taxi's, hotel rooms, food, and entertainment. Please let us know if you would appreciate an additional honorarium.
We would like you to be comfortable and have your needs met while with us. Please give us few ideas of the things that would make you most at home.

This conference is about uptake of ideas and moving them into a workable action plan.  You were invited to BOND because your discoveries, and the depth of your knowledge in your subject, are key to imparting the information in an open and accessible way.  It is also important to us that our speakers have a depth of experience to draw from so they have the facility to address the inevitable questions and work through the potential practical applications of your ideas with the attendees.

Who will be attending this conference?

This is a professional conference aimed at those who are working directly with families during the pre- and early post-natal period.  We are reaching out to Pediatricians, Midwives, Pediatric and Neonatal Nurses, those in the Lactation profession, childbirth educators, doulas, and those in the professional side of a fast growing segment, the infant contact field.  These are people out in their communities every day interacting with families.  This conference is designed to support them and their efforts.

What might my part of this conference look like?

We are hoping our speakers will be leading the discussions, furthering the understanding of the other talks, and helping to connect the dots for the whole conference.  To that end we will request you prepare a lecture of approximately 18 minutes with a max of 25 minutes.  We will then take the time to pause and allow the attendees to process and make some notes before we move forward.  The next speaker will be discussing another point related to your lecture for the same amount of time.  We will then break into Facilitator led small group discussion for approximately 30 minutes before we come back together and ask our speakers to share some thoughts and then to take questions from our attendees.

What are my responsibilities?

We request you present your talk, be an active part of the conversation for the weekend, and attend the planned after conference event on Saturday night.

Why do you think this model will work?

Joanna has been an adult educator for 22 years and was mentored by some of NYC most successful adult teachers.  She learned early on that if you include adults in the conversation, allow for personal discovery, and encourage questioning and exploration that you will have a successful learning environment.  Making it fun and lively helps too of course, so there will be plenty of that as well.  Take a look at a few Ted Talks if you are not sure that we are on to something here at BOND

If the short term memory can only handle about 18 minutes of information then how can we maximize that time?  How can we help move that information into the long term memory?  This is the core idea of the schedule around BOND.  Please share your thoughts or concerns directly with Joanna.

How will you help make my time at the conference enjoyable?

We want you to enjoy BOND as much as we want our attendees to enjoy the conference.  These are a few of the things we thought would be helpful to make your time with us pleasant.

  • We will host all of our speakers at the conference hotel so you have the shortest possible commute each day.  Should you choose to stay elsewhere we will happily help with those arrangements.
  • We will have dedicated volunteers on staff for the speakers.  The volunteers are there to help take care of those pesky things that might come up. Help with charging your phone, grabbing you some water, finding a cord, your way to lunch. Whatever you might need. We know it is hard to be expected to be a contributing part of the conference and then also be worrying about all the little things.  No worries if you can't remember their name, they will have on name-tags and wear special t-shirts to make them easy to spot in the crowd.
  • We will have a few of your favorite style snacks available for you in your room should you stay at the Conference Hotel.
  • We will have a small space available for speakers and staff should you need a minute away during the conference.
  • We will have dedicated staff to handle the AV components of the conference and who will help you to make sure everything is working the way you would expect.
  • You are our Guest of Honor at our 'Thank You Dinner Party' on Saturday night. This is to be held at the local Rooftop Farm that overlooks the city and has an amazing space and even better food.
  • Should you need help at the airport both arriving and departing we can assist you or help you in anyway that you need.

We want our speakers to feel like they are at a retreat in the heart of New York City!  We are happy to have you stay an extra day and take in our city should you like. We would be delighted to help you with those plans. If you are not familiar with the city we can also make suggestions for unique or classic events and locations within the city.

Please ask us for anything we may have forgotten. 

We recognize that we may not think of everything and remain open to your ideas and needs!