The BOND Conference brings together practitioners, researchers, and academics, who study and support the formation of the most significant BOND in human development: that between parent and child.  Become a part of this unique community and get your brand in front of those who influence families day after day.  Your target audience needs to hear your point of view, explore your products, and discover for themselves why your company and the products you offer are relevant to their clients.  BOND is your opportunity to go beyond the norm and meet with them face to face.

Sponsoring BOND is an excellent opportunity to:

  • market your company to those who influence families most during the pre- and postnatal period.
  • develop and share the heart of your mission with over 250 like-minded educators and practitioners.
  • be a part of the larger conversation.
  • show your end user you are about more than just making money, you want to make a difference!
  • support a truly unique experience that is fun, environmental, experimental, and exceptional.

At BOND, you are there to do more than just business. You are there to be part of the conversation: How to best help new families BOND, while building business relationships across the disciplines that study, support and utilize your products or services.

Working together, we can help families BOND for life. 

Take a peek at our sponsorship categories and choose the one that is right for you.  Not sure? Let us help you figure out how to maximize your budget.

newest sponsorships for BOND 2018 coming soon!

In the meantime, check out our fabulous sponsors for our inaugural 2016 event!  We wouldn't have made it without our sponsors!